Former PM PJ Patterson to visit Florida Supports fundraising for LASCO Chin Foundation

Author  Carlette DeLeon

Former Prime Minister of Jamaica, the Most Honourable P.J. Patterson QC, will be the keynote speaker at the LASCO Chin Foundation (LCF) Inaugural Benefit Gala in Florida. 

The statesman will be in Miramar, at the Miramar Cultural Center on Sunday, November 18, 2018, reflecting on decades at the highest level of Jamaican governance.  "We are looking forward to Former Prime Minister Patterson's perspectives on the actions and policies on how to break the cycle of poverty and crime, especially for at-risk youths," said Professor Rosalea Hamilton, CEO of LCF.

The vision of the newly established Foundation is to change the way Jamaica views and treats its most vulnerable young people, so that in the future all of Jamaica's young people will be empowered. Through the Sustainable Socio-economic Intervention Model©, which incorporates high quality capacity-building solutions, skilled and caring adults who are willing and able to support their efforts are fostered to succeed in life generally and business in particular.

Supporting this vision, as well, are Consul General Oliver Mair and Mayor Wayne Messam, who will join Former Prime Minister Patterson at the Miramar Cultural Centre. Comedians Tony Hendriks and Blakka Ellis will provide entertainment, while DJ Mark Swaby will guide the musical offerings for the evening.

Tickets are available on the Foundation's official website and all proceeds will be channelled towards the outreach programmes.