This Caribbean Artist Is A Winner At The World Bodypainting Festival

Author:  NAN Staff Writer
Caribbean-born artist returned this year to the World Bodypainting Festival in Klagenfurt, Austria and won first place in one of the top categories.

bodypaint smlGuadaloupe-born artist Benoi Bottala, known as Steek, won first place in the Airbrush category at the 20th World Bodypainting Festival - after coming in third last year.

Bottala’s model featured a national headdress of his country the model’s body was painted in the colors of the French flag – a lot of blues and reds.

Bottala, 34,  is  a  self  taught  artist  who got  into  the  graffiti  world  in  the  late  90’s.  He lives between Montréal and Guadeloupe and much of his body art is influenced by Street Graffiti.

He has participated in several solo and  group exhibitions in Canada (Montreal), USA (New-York Pool Art Fair  2012),  Caribbean  (Saint  Barthelemy,  Saint  Martin,  Guadeloupe) and France (Fondation EDF – Prix du Graffiti).

In 2010 he was introduced to bodypainting. In 2016 he ranked 3rd place  at  the World  Bodypainting  Festival that year. He has also won many other awards globally.