Ex-Guyana MP Convicted of Terrorism, Dies in U.S. Prison

Author  Edited from CMC

NEW YORK – Abdul Kadir, a former Guyana Member of Parliament who was sentenced to life in prison following a conviction of conspiring to commit a terrorist attack at New York’s JFK airport nearly a decade ago , died in a United States prison last month.

K AbdulKadir, who also  served as mayor of Linden ,was believed to be in his mid 60s.

According to News Source online, family members in Guyana were informed of Kadir’s death  when they received a call from  authorities in the U.S. It’s reported that he fell ill early June 28 and was taken to the prison’s medical facility where he died.

Kadir was convicted and sentenced in the U.S. in 2010, along with three other elderly men, for plotting to blow up gas pipelines at the airport. Throughout his trial, and even after being convicted, he maintained his innocence and repeatedly said he was wrongly accused and wrongfully convicted.


The U.S. government had used the services of a drug convict informant as its key witness during the trial. The man had been sent to Guyana and met with members of the Muslim community in Guyana and Trinidad.

Kadir was reportedly approached by the man about his engineering experience. He, along with   three other men, were arrested in Trinidad and Tobago and extradited to the U.S. where they faced trial in New York.

During an interview from behind bars in Trinidad before his extradition, Kadir declared his innocence and said he was never part of any plot to take harm to the U.S. or its people. At the time, he said he was “set up” because of his Muslim faith and the global war against the Islamic faith following several terrorist attacks.

While on trial in New York, Kadir again declared his innocence, but U.S. prosecutors used his visits to Iran and other predominantly Muslim states against him. During the trial, audio recordings of conversations he had with the informant were also used.

Prior to his arrest in Trinidad and conviction in the U.S., Kadir served the People’s National Congress as a Member of Parliament for one term. 

Before that, he served as the mayor of Linden, where he had worked for several years as a civil engineer.