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Broward County Transit Receives $8 Million Grant

Broward County Transit (BCT) received more than $8 million from the Federal Transit Administration's (FTA) Bus and Bus Livability Initiative Grant Program aimed at upgrading bus services and facilities. The competitive grant program is part of a nearly $300 million investment of the Obama Administration's livability initiative to better coordinate transportation, housing and commercial development for citizens and their communities.

FTA's Bus and Livability Initiative Grant Program is investing more than $163 million in 47 projects around the nation. View Project Descriptions

BCT will apply the grant toward enhancements along the Broward Boulevard corridor between the Broward Central Terminal at Northwest First Avenue in Fort Lauderdale and the West Regional Terminal at Northwest 84 Avenue in Plantation.

The grant program goals are to improve transit travel time along the corridor, reduce reliance on automobiles and reduce emissions and improve air quality by increasing public transportation use.

As part of this program, BCT and its partners are in discussions on the following proposed projects: incorporate 'green' bus fleet enhancements with the purchase of nine, energy-efficient hybrid electric buses; implement transit signal priority; enhance bicycle and pedestrian safety; upgrade bus shelters and facilities, and make landscaping and other aesthetic enhancements along the corridor.

"Taken together, these new funds will allow BCT to integrate a safe, convenient and environmentally compatible system of public transportation improvements along a key transportation corridor for Broward County residents and visitors," said Chris Walton, Director, Broward County Transportation Department.

The grant application was submitted in conjunction with partner agencies, including the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), City of Fort Lauderdale, Downtown Development Authority (DDA), Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (BMPO) and the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority (SFRTA).

It is expected that the funds for this grant will be available and project work to start in early 2011.