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MD Community Action Agency Board of Directors Mobilized for Aid

ImageEmployees of the Miami-Dade Community Action Agency (CAA) along with the CAA Board mobilized their own response to the events in Haiti, by starting a donation drive. As part of that effort, the staff was able to send cases of water, medical supplies, alcohol wipes, and other items to aid the people of Haiti in their recovery.

“After seeing the devastation on television and hearing from many of our employees who have relatives on the island, we knew that we had to do something. So we are doing what we are able to do,” explained CAA Executive Director, Julie B. Edwards as she helped to stack cases of water and other donated supplies at CAA’s Culmer Community Service Center in Overtown. Employees from CAA’s Self Help, Energy and Head Start Divisions brought donated items to this location before they were taken to the County’s warehouse to be shipped to Haiti. Responding to reports of children sleeping outside on the ground, the agency also donated 104 cots to provide some slight comfort to these children.

The staff’s efforts are a part of the County’s effort to bring relief to those in Haiti, and to continue the department’s mission to help people and change lives. The Department provides services designed to assist low-income individuals and families in Miami-Dade County to become self sufficient.