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Undercover Operations Nets Illegal Business Operators

The Miami-Dade Consumer Services Department, in collaboration with the Hialeah Police Department, conducted a joint investigation on May 20, 2010 to identify unlicensed movers, locksmiths and mobile mechanics in the interest of public safety and fair business practices.
An investigation by the Miami-Dade Consumer Services Department and the Hialeah Police Department on May 20, 2010 uncovered 14 unlicensed businesses operating as movers, locksmiths and mobile mechanics. Consumer Services Department enforcement officers issued 17 citations.

The police arrested one individual, who was found to have a $10,000 bench warrant, and he was transported to the TGK Correctional Facility. Twelve others signed notices to appear in court for failing to register with the local business tax office, and two were cited for driving with suspended licenses.

The operation was carried out to ensure consumers are not taken advantage of by unlicensed, unscrupulous individuals who fail to undergo required background checks and training, and curtail business practices that create unfair competition. The cited companies and individuals were:


  • Jose L. Mirabal D/B/A/ La Grande Movers
  • L.D. Delivery, Corp.
  • Victor M. Alvarez Verduit D/B/A Delivery Adonay
  • Julio C. Cabrera D/B/A SP Movers
  • Raul Perez D/B/A Kargo Moving Services
  • Orlando Garcia D/B/A Orlando’s Moving Service
  • Expedient Movers, Inc.
  • Roberto Castillo D/B/A Chiqui Moving


  • Noel Molina D/B/A International Locksmith
  • Golan Baranes
  • Jose Antonio Galan D/B/A American Lock & Key Service


  • Marciel Desilva D/B/A Kardoshi Auto Clinic, Corp.
  • Leo Pass D/B/A Dent Masters
  • Edison Cruz D/B/A Leo Mobile Repair

To check the complaint history of an individual or company, file a complaint or ask consumer-related questions, visit the Miami-Dade Consumer Services Department website at
www.miamidade.gov/csd or call (305) 375-3677.