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Doral Wraps Up Haiti Earthquake Relief Effort

City of Doral elected officials, employees, volunteers and donors prepare to load the last container full of supplies bound for the island of Haiti as part of the Doral Earthquake Relief effort.
After four months of collecting food, water, clothing and medical supplies for the Haiti Earthquake Relief effort, the City of Doral and the Doral Rotary Club will pack and ship off the sixth and final container to the neighboring island on May 21, 2010.

“Our residents, elected officials and Doral businesses came together to help this neighboring nation during their time of need,” said Doral Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez. “Without everyone’s help, we would have not been able to undertake this effort. This is a true testament of the spirit of generosity of the Doral community.”

Since that tragic day back on January 12, 2010, the City of Doral, partnering with the Rotary Club of Doral has operated a Haiti Earthquake Relief Center. The City of Doral made an initial donation of $50,000. Donations of food, water, clothing, shoes and medical supplies were collected, sorted, boxed and shipped to earthquake victims in Haiti. Hundreds of volunteers, adults and students, worked tirelessly for weeks on end inspecting clothing & shoes for quality, sorting by size and gender, boxing and labeling. Food products were sorted and boxed into family packs, to provide variety. Medical and other supplies were handled in a similar matter, all boxed & placed on pallets, then shrink wrapped for shipping.

“Once again the caring and giving people of Doral have worked their miracles for our neighbors in Haiti. The positive work attitude and generosity of our Doral residents and business partners are simply amazing! A labor of love, done well, I am very proud of our people and our City,” said Vice Mayor Robert Van Name, liaison for the Doral Haiti Relief.

To date, over 8000 boxes of needed food, clothing and supplies have been processed and shipped to Haiti. On May 6th, the fifth, totally fully loaded shipping container was packed and sent on its way.

A sixth and final shipping container is scheduled for loading and shipment on May 21st, and the Doral Earthquake Relief Center will be closing its doors on this date with a celebration and recognition ceremony to honor and thank the many volunteers and sponsors who have made this Haiti Earthquake Relief operation a huge success!