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An aspiring American model was brutally murdered in Jamaica recently.
NEW YORK – Police here have testified that a Guyanese-born teenager in Brooklyn used her last breaths to tell cops the name of the man who shot her, after she spurned his advances, as she struggled through an agonizing 20-minute wait for an ambulance.
UNITED NATIONS – The United Nations is adopting a new approach to strengthening rule of law in Haiti.
QUEENS, New York – A 26-year-old Guyanese national became New York City’s first murder victim of 2018, after she was reportedly stabbed to death by her husband, whose body was later found hanging from a tree in a city park.
BRONX, New York – At least four Jamaicans were reported killed in one of the deadliest fires in New York that also claimed the lives of at least eight others late last month.
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