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Miami, FL. – The Haitian Neighborhood Center, Sant La, leading member of South Florida’s Haitian Complete Count Committee, applauds the Governor’s decision to create the State of Florida’s Statewide Complete Count Committee. We also congratulate Paola Pierre, Chair of the Haitian American Chamber of Commerce of Florida (HACCOF), for being selected as a member of the committee.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The United States said its relationship with Haiti had grown much stronger in recent times as the French-speaking Caribbean community (CARICOM) country celebrated its 216th anniversary of independence from France on Jan. 1.

UNITED NATIONS – As St. Vincent and the Grenadines officially assumed a non-permanent seat on the United Nations’ Security Council on Jan. 1, the country’s U.N. Ambassador I. Rhonda King said the “historic journey” begins with ‘Three Stories and a Prayer: The Manifestation of the Prophetic Imagination’.”

NEW YORK – Several Caribbean American legislators welcomed last month’s impeachment of United States President Donald J. Trump.

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