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NEW YORK, NY, Tues. May 16, 2017:A former minister of government of the South American nation of Guyana is now inmate 89102-053 at the Metropolitan Detention Center of Brooklyn, NY.
WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS) says an alliance of Caribbean diaspora community and business leaders that it assembled has met with officials in the United States Department of State in providing “input into the construct of future U.S.-Caribbean relations and the role of the diaspora in contributing to the process.”
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Caribbean nationals in the United States diaspora appear to be keeping their end of the bargain to support those back home while the efforts of others fall off. According to the World Bank, the Caribbean and Latin America was the only region to record growth in remittances in 2016 despite overall global decline.
The plight of children scarred by sexual abuse and people working to fight the scourge were the focus of a gala event in South Florida last month.
On June 13, 2016, Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center opened their fourth facility in the wonderful city of Aventura. Now, in 2017, they are proud to celebrate their one-year anniversary at the new location and proud to have become a part of the Miami-Dade family. Goldson Spine has been happily providing health and wellness services for over two decades and as they continue to grow, the aim is to continue providing quality care for many more decades to come. 
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