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An American lawmaker with Caribbean roots is pushing for added labor protections which, if successful, could reward laborers from the Caribbean with additional benefits, including overtime pay.

Lightning flashed wildly across the skies of Homestead, FL just south of Miami on June 23, 2018. What began as a sunny, hot afternoon quickly became black thunderclouds dumping a steady deluge from severe thunderstorms on more than 1,400 people who walked miles  to the Homestead Air Reserve Base on SW 288 Street in South Miami-Dade, Florida.

NEW YORK: A Caribbean roots 28-year-old, Bronx-born first time congressional candidate on Tuesday created history in the 2018 Democratic Primary by turning a ‘David versus Goliath’ race into a win and handing defeat to a man considered the ‘King of Queens’ and one of the most powerful incumbent congressmembers in New York City.

MIAMI - Caribbean305, the Caribbean culinary and cultural celebration with flavors from more than a dozen Caribbean nations, features a new partnership this weekend with the organizers of Miami Carnival.

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