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Local News

L to R: (back row) Kevin Cameron, Wickie Lafortune, Monique Shide, AnnaMarie Dritto, Rocki Rockingham (middle row) Melissa McCullough, Alexandra Azor, Dawn Dosch-Betters, Linda Makhanlall (front row) David Worthington, Alicia Laszewski, Chapter Executive, American Red Cross Broward County Chapter.
The American Red Cross Broward County Chapter announced that Jarden Consumer Solutions, a leading Consumer Products Company based in Boca Raton, has presented the Chapter with $20,000 to used for various preparedness initiatives across Broward County and an additional $25,000 to be used for Haiti relief efforts. These funds were made possible through the JCS Community Fund, Jarden’s employee-funded charitable giving entity which is matched by the Company.
“Creating this sculpture, ‘The Union of the World: Monument to World Peace,’ I had a dream. I dreamed that one day the people, the countries of the world, will live in Peace. In 1886 the statue of Liberty arrived to New York and became an icon of freedom; in 2010, I bring ‘The Union of the World’ to Miami as a symbol of Peace,” stated international artist Ginés Serrán, at the unveiling in Miami of the largest sculpture of classical mythology in the World.
ImageUnited Way of Broward County announced the launch of its Project S.H.A.R.E. (Strategic Haitian Aid and Relief Efforts)as a fundraising and programmatic response to the needs of families in Broward County affected by the massive evacuation of victims of Haiti’s recent earthquake. This initiative is in addition to United Way of Broward County’s $47 million impact on the community through fundraising and matching grants.
Ari Poth
Amid continued economic hardship, it is especially important that individuals and families are made aware of resources that can help them weather the ongoing crisis. Accordingly, on January 29th, the Children’s Services Council of Broward County (CSC) launched the 2010 Prosperity Campaign, in conjunction with similar efforts promoting the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) nationwide. The launch took place at the CSC building in Lauderhill and included a Community Resource Fair.