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Local News

Volunteers at the “Come Out and Be Counted!” event on Saturday, April 17 at Chairman Dennis C. moss’ Florida City office.
At Chairman Dennis C. Moss’ “Come Out and Be Counted!” community event on April 17th, U.S. Census volunteers were able to fill out forms for Florida City residents representing several households that, according to Census volunteer Eddie Garza, will add up to about $1 million in federal funding for Florida City over the next 10 years.

ImageWhen the four reigning ambassadors of the 20th annual Miss Jamaica Florida Pageant 2009 arrive in Jamaica on Wednesday (Apr. 21), this will be the first time Miss Tracey Henry visits the island since she was four years old.

Twenty-two year old, Miss Henry, who wears the crown of Miss Jamaica Florida 2009 is looking forward to her return visit. Born in New York, of Jamaican parentage, Miss Henry said that she first visited at age four for the burial of her great-grandmother. ÃƒÆ’ƒÂ¢Ã¢â€šÂ¬Ã…“Now I am older I would like to be a part of Jamaica,” she declared.

At a special dedication ceremony at the Kendall District Police Station, Miami-Dade County Commissioner Katy Sorenson speaks about Officer Giovanni Gonzalez’s service to the community before his untimely death last June.
In honor of one of Miami-Dade’s fallen officers, Commissioner Katy Sorenson participated in a special dedication ceremony naming the Roll Call Room at the Kendall District Police Station after Officer Giovanni Gonzalez, who died last year in a car crash. The ceremony on April 13, 2010 also included a street co-designation, led by fellow Commissioner Javier D. Souto, of SW 76th Street near the station as “Officer Giovanni L. Gonzalez Street.”

Maria Noa Habchi addressing attendees of the Haiti fundraiser in Toronto.
More than CAD $350,000 was raised for the survivors of the Haiti earthquake from West Indian musicians, an Israeli entertainer, three Canadian companies and a Jewish philanthropy.

And, if that's not multinational enough - the fundraising drive was organized by a young lady from the South Pacific working with a Caribbean media organization.