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Local News

Plenary panel discussion during the Broward County Targeted Industries Study Forum.
The Broward County Office of Economic and Small Business Development (OESBD) invites the local business community to voice their opinion on the 10 industries that Broward County is best positioned to attract. To offer suggestions, visit
www.broward.org/econdev and access the Targeted Industries Study Survey, which closes on Friday, August 13. The industries, as established in the New Targeted Industries Study requested by the Board of County Commissioners, are:
{mosimgae}Brooklyn, NY: The mother of all Caribbean festivals in the United States, the 43rd annual West Indian Carnival Festival 2010 kicked off earlier this week with a successful press reception in Manhattan that was attended by scores of media and VIP guests who gathered to hear important details of this year’s celebration. The Brooklyn-anchored historic event, often described as the largest parade and festival in the United States attracts over 3.5 million participants annually, effectively pulling more people than the entire population of the island of Jamaica.
Broward County Transit (BCT) received more than $8 million from the Federal Transit Administration's (FTA) Bus and Bus Livability Initiative Grant Program aimed at upgrading bus services and facilities. The competitive grant program is part of a nearly $300 million investment of the Obama Administration's livability initiative to better coordinate transportation, housing and commercial development for citizens and their communities.

In this Annalee Davis installment entitled "Just Beyond My Imagination," Annalee Davis challenges issues at the heart of modern Caribbean society.
The Caribbean is much more than paradise or a playground for the rich and the famous as many throughout the world believe.

In fact, the region became one of the world's first examples of globalization because of the scourge of slavery, according to Caribbean artist, Annalee Davis.

The Barbadian artist challenged the traditional view of the Caribbean as paradise at last month's 2010 Biennial of the Americas, an international event that celebrates the culture, ideas and people of the Western Hemisphere, hosted by the City of Denver.