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Local News

Sean Pittman
Attorney and community activist Sean Pittman was honored with the Servant Leadership Award at Leadership Tallahassee’s 16th Annual Distinguished Leadership Awards Ceremony. This award was established to recognize individuals who have demonstrated consistent community leadership by combining efforts in business and nonprofit organizations to achieve results beyond a single field or endeavor.
ImageNow there are planes and trains at Miami International Airport. On September 15, the Concourse D skytrain began to whisk passengers off their feet from one end of the mile-long facility to the other for quick connections to everything from flights and baggage claim to stores, restaurants and passport control.

FABOM members Gayle Andrews- Andrews Plus; Frank M Powell III- The Florida Star and The Georgia Star; S. Kaye Andrews- Florida Sentinel Bulletin; Krystal Glass -Deputy Press Secretary, Alex Sink Democrat for Governor; Kevin T. Collins- the Orlando Times; Chairman Bobby R. Henry, Sr.- Westside Gazette; Karen Thurman- Chair Florida Democratic Party; Marilyn D. Davis -Outreach Coordinator for Alex Sink Democrat for Governor; Johnny Hunter- Tempo News; Dianne Speights- The Weekly Challenger; and James Madison- The Florida Sun and Tammy Johnson- In Touch News
Tampa—Florida Democratic Party Chair, Karen Thurman continued her outreach efforts in trying to reach the state’s 4.6 million registered Democrats and equally important, the 1.2 million that are registered Black Democrats.

Thurman’s headway efforts included the African American community in a meeting with the Florida Association of Black Owned Media (FABOM), an organization of Black media owners from across the state.

WIADCA President Yolanda Lezama-Clark
The President of the West Indian American Day Carnival Association (WIADCA) has been named "West Indian of the Week" by Marketplace Excellence.

Yolanda Lezama-Clark is the first to be recognized in the new series launched by Marketplace Excellence to recognize outstanding members of the Caribbean Diaspora for their leadership and inspiration.