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Local News

Guyanese in South Florida and indeed in the United States have been urged to take positive action in supporting the efforts of the Guyana Relief Council which has made tangible efforts to bring relief to 68 families, comprising 256 persons who were affected by disasters in 2011.

The call was made by General Manager of the Pegasus Hotel, in Kingston, Jamaica, Eldon Bremner, a Guyanese. He urged Guyanese to eschew the negative reports emanating from Guyana and elsewhere and concentrate on genuine efforts to bring relief to those in need.

c_levister_povertyHere's a mind numbing number to ponder: 16 percent. That's the rate of Americans living in poverty, according to an alternate way of measuring the problem, released by the U.S. Census Bureau Monday. The official poverty level is nearly 1 percentage point lower. The much anticipated economic data show more Hispanics, elderly and working-age poor have fallen into poverty.

For the first time, the share of Hispanics living in poverty surpassed that of African-Americans based on new U.S. Census data. For the first time, the share of Hispanics living in poverty surpassed that of African-Americans based on the new measure, reflecting in part the lower participation of immigrants and non-English speakers in government aid programs such as housing and food stamps.

biggie-irieCaribbean Americans will have a chance to revel in the spirit of Barbados’s 45th Independence during several events being presented through the collaboration of the Barbados Cultural Association of South Florida (BCASF).

While the Caribbean island officially marks its Independence Day on Nov. 30, events scheduled for before, on, and after that date will aim to capture the Bajan vibes.

Mayor-Russell-Benford.jpgMiami-Dade County Deputy Mayor, Russell Benford, joined in the celebration of the Miami-Dade Community Action and Human Service Department’s Head Start Awareness Month by reading to the children at the Ophelia E. Brown-Lawson Center.

“We are proud of the outstanding job our Head Start/Early Head Start Program is doing to prepare our children for the future – it starts here with their Head Start education. It was a delight to witness the eager anticipation of the children as I read to them,” stated Mr. Benford.