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Local News

ImageNew York’s JFK airport is yet to recover from the recent blizzard that affected the US East Coast, and current airport conditions make it difficult for a return to normalcy. Over the last two days, up to 6,000 flights have been affected throughout the USA with tens of thousands of passengers inconvenienced. This storm is now noted as the 6th worst storm in the US since record keeping began in 1869.

Dale V.C. Holness
Broward County Commissioner Dale V.C. Holness in conjunction with Volunteer Broward and Pompano Beach City Officials are looking to make beautiful things happen in 2011, and they're soliciting the help of anyone who would like to volunteer!

Dr. Conrad Murray
Michael Jackson’s Caribbean-born doctor will have to keep a Jan. 4, 2011 criminal hearing date with the court.

A judge kept in place the January criminal hearing for Grenada-born Dr. Conrad Murray, who supplied the late pop star with medication prior to his death.

ImageOn Monday, November 22, 2010 Commissioner Jean Monestime celebrated Thanksgiving with District 2 residents during a turkey giveaway. The commissioner distributed more than 100 turkeys to selected families in need at the Liberty Square Housing Project, 6304 NW 14th Avenue.