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Local News

“Jennifer and I are eager to start bringing people together to solve our problems” – Florida’s Governor-elect Rick Scott on running mate, T&T-born Jennifer Carroll
Two women with Caribbean backgrounds made strong bids for high profile political office during the recent mid-term elections in the United States.

Vote counts were still to be confirmed up to Caribbean Today’s press time, but indications were that at least one can be declared successful, while the other must wait for the official outcome of a close race.

Participants serve up a variety of delights each year at the festival
Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival, one of the largest celebrations of Caribbean foods in the United States, returns to South Florida on Nov. 14.

Attendance has grown from its early days, starting in 2001. In recent years the festival, scheduled to be held at Markham Park in 2010, has attracted up to18,000 patrons.

Nadirah Hendricks with her children Nyannas (3) and Marcus (1)
Miami-Dade County’s Head Start/Early Head Start Program, operated by the Community Action Agency (CAA), has been providing families with early childhood development services for over 45 years. In many cases, it has become a tradition to have your child attend Head Start.

Timothy Garling
Timothy S. "Tim" Garling has been appointed Broward County Transit Division Director. Garling will be responsible for the day-to-day operational and administrative management of Broward County Transit (BCT). BCT is an agency of the Broward County Commission with a fleet of 300 buses, an operating budget of $115 million and a workforce of nearly 1,000 employees.