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Days before hundreds of millions of people around the world witness the outstanding skills of the Caribbean's athletes, a documentary about the spirit of region's people will be unveiled in London.

"Built To Last", produced by the Barbadian production company Studio Caribe, follows the amazing Caribbean men and women competing in a range of Olympic, Paralympic and non-Olympic sports whose stories of success defy the odds stacked against them.

g-jubileeJamaica will celebrate 50 years of independence from British rule on Aug. 6, 2012. Jamaica’s golden jubilee anniversary is especially meaningful to Food For The Poor, which earlier this year commemorated its three decades of service to the hungry, destitute, and abandoned. In 1982, the nonprofit started out as a feeding program in Jamaica, and since then has grown exponentially to become the largest international relief organization in Jamaica and the United States.

senior-centreToday Miami-Dade County Chairman Joe A. Martinez was joined by Congressman David Rivera, State Representatives Jeanette Nunez, Carlos Lopez-Cantera and Ron Saunders, County Mayor Carlos Gimenez and over 250 enthusiastic seniors to celebrate the grand opening of the Dr. Olga Maria Martinez Senior Center.

Tuesday, 07 August 2012 17:04

Marcus Garvey Day Proclamation

m-garveySpearheaded by Ras Don Rico Ricketts of the Marcus Garvey Celebrations Committee, of IMI, Inc, August 17, 2012, has been proclaimed "Universal Marcus Garvey Day" by the Miami-Dade County Commission.

The proclamation, which was guided through the process by Commissioner Barbara Jordan and her able staff, Mr. Ryan Hawkins and Mairenny Alexis, was presented to Ras Don Rico Ricketts on August 2, 2012 in the District Office of Commissioner Barbara Jordan.

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