Broward County Did Not Issue an Order Closing Non-Essential Businesses

Author  Ric Barrick

BROWARD COUNTY, FL - Broward County Administrator Bertha Henry clarified today that Broward County has not issued any Executive Order or Declaration requiring that non-essential businesses close in response to COVID-19.

Broward County is adhering to the guidelines of the Governor’s Executive Orders. To date, there has been NO DIRECTIVE BY BROWARD COUNTY OR THE GOVERNOR TO CLOSE NON-ESSENTIAL BUSINESSES.

This morning and again this afternoon, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issued Executive Order Number 20-70 and 20-71 restricting activity for certain businesses including bars and restaurants, and places that promote large gatherings of people such as gyms, movie theatres, bowling alleys and beaches. Read Executive Orders.

The Governor stressed that these measures represented a “minimum response” for Florida. Counties and municipalities were left free to announce more stringent measures, which several Broward County cities and Miami-Dade County have done.

“Following the lead of many county governments across Florida and the nation, Broward County has taken numerous actions to protect its employees and customers while still providing essential services to the public,” said County Administrator Bertha Henry in a Sun-Sentinel opinion piece released this morning. Read Op-Ed.

This issue remains very fluid. Broward County is continuing to work with municipalities and neighboring counties to address COVID-19 concerns.