Belafonte TACOLCY Center Celebrates 50 Years of Service

Author:  Sherri Jones
Miami, FL (October 2017) - The Belafonte TACOLCY Center has reached a milestone and on Saturday, November 18, 2017 we will celebrate with a black-tie affair. The Belafonte TACOLCY Center, Inc. 50th Anniversary Awards Gala will chronicle our history, honor our supporters and commemorate decades of service in the Liberty City and surrounding communities. This momentous event will take place at the Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay, 1633 N Bayshore Drive in Miami, Florida – reception starts at 6 PM; dinner begins at 7 PM.

The Belafonte TACOLCY Center, Inc. 50th Anniversary Awards Gala is our opportunity to honor those who have given to us throughout the years in the form of donations, support and time. We are especially proud to be honoring Harry Belafonte, civil rights leader, actor, singer and one of our first financial benefactors. His daughter, Gina Belafonte, will be at this event to receive the award on his behalf. We will also be honoring Congresswomen Frederica Wilson for being a tower of strength in her mission to support our organization. For more information on the honors and honorees, please see the following list.

Our founder, Frances Henderson, was a visionary. Back in the mid 1960's (amid racial and economic tensions) – long before there were ideas, plans and renderings of how to make Miami’s Liberty City great – Henderson dreamed of empowering Liberty City’s young black men. Her idea was to build their confidence, enhancing their ability to become a part of making the community a viable, resourceful, safe haven for others. Her dream came in the form of the Belafonte TACOLCY Center. TACOLCY – an acronym for The Advisory Council of Liberty City Youth – was Henderson’s answer for an area and a time where local unrest and violence brought about many questions – much like it does today.

Today, we celebrate her, her vision and her legacy - the Belafonte TACOLCY Center. For general information, contact Horace Roberts at (305) 798-6363 or Lovette McGill at (305) 588-7542.