Belize Police Department Receives Crucial Equipment from the Republic of China (Taiwan)

Belize has received over 100 brand new motorcycles, motorcycles helmets, a large quantity of hand-held radios, body cams, drones, computers, security-digitizing machines, and other crime-fighting equipment worth up to BZ $1million from Taiwan.

Taiwan GiftsAmbassador Lui, a law enforcement officer in Taiwan for 7 years, came to officially hand over 105 motorcycles, 210 motorcycle helmets, 200 body cams, 2 Cellebrite machines, 1 risograph machine, drones, computers, a lap top computer, and 100 hand held radios to Belize's Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie. Forthcoming will be 2,500 hand-cuffs and pouches, 60 body-armor ballistic vests, and 30 Alcoblow hand-held alcohol breath testers.

Police officers will be trained in the use of this equipment before deploying. Great hope is being placed on the use of body cams in preventing the abuse of authority by police. The motorcycles and other equipment is intended for nation-wide use, however, most will be distributed to the SBU, GSU, and MIT for operations in the city. The Government of Taiwan has been implementing bilateral cooperation projects with Belize since 1989. Taiwan’s President, Tsai Ing Wen promised more assistance to Belize last month when she visited Belize.