Belize Designated Recipient of OWA Food Festival Fundraiser Proceeds

The Food Festival of The Americas, an event hosted by the Organization of Women of the Americas (OWA) took place this year on May 20, 2018. The purpose of the festival is to fundraise for the empowerment of women and children in the Americas by showcasing the culture and gastronomy of the nation-members of the OAS. 

owaFemale ambassadors, wives of ambassadors, and the women or spouses of employees of the OAS comprise the OWA, an active social and charitable group that's been a key part of the social aspect of Washington's diplomatic scene since its founding in 1997.

Since its founding, the group, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, has concentrated on its fundraising activities. 

The Annual Food Festival of the Americas, held on the OAS grounds on May 20, was an event that drew many in the diplomatic community to foods from various countries in the Americas. 

The festival is, of course, a fundraising event, with 70 percent of the proceeds going to an NGO in one of the member countries and 30 percent staying in Washington, D.C., given to the OAS's Art Museum of the Americas. The group raised about $20,000 last year and has designated Belize as the main recipient of this year's proceeds of the event.