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Broward MPO Offers Grants to Local Businesses


The Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (Broward MPO) is pleased to announce the Bicycle Parking Facilities Project will provide funds for the purchase of bicycle racks to such eligible applicants as commercial property owners, local governments and businesses within Broward County.

Mark Horowitz, Broward MPO Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator, said, “The purpose of this project is to encourage the use of bicycles for personal transportation as an alternative to motor vehicles. Bicyclists need the assurance that their bicycle can be placed in a secure manner when they arrive at their destination, and this will also help to improve the air quality and reduce air pollution by reducing the number of vehicles on our already overcrowded roadways.”

Eligible applicants seeking to acquire funds for a bicycle rack can call Mark Horowitz for more information at 954-357-6641.