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Government of St. Lucia Expresses Profound Grief


The Government and People of Saint Lucia share with our sister island nation of Barbados profound grief and sadness at the untimely death of Prime Minister David John Howard Thompson. The news of Prime Minister Thompson's passing was received with a deep sense of loss by all Saint Lucians. Our two nations have shared close and historic ties, which was symbolized and embodied by Prime Minister Thompson both through his long standing friendship with Prime Minister Stephenson King and his marital bond with his wife Mara who is a native of Saint Lucia.

 Prime Ministers Thompson and King both emerged through the regional youth movement to become leaders of their respective nations within six months of each other on September 7th, 2007 and January 16th, 2008 respectively.

As members of the Caribbean Community we in Saint Lucia extend our prayers and sympathy as Barbados and the Caribbean mourn the loss of an outstanding son of the nation and the region.

Prime Minister King who spoke earlier with the widow of Prime Minister Thompson, Marie-Josephine Mara, informed her that the hearts of the Saint Lucian people extend towards the Thompson family and the people of Barbados during this very difficult period. The thoughts and prayers of all Saint Lucians will remain with Barbadians during this moment of grief.

Prime Minister King in commenting on Mr. Thompson's passing noted: "I have worked with Prime Minister Thompson over the past few years, and have always been impressed with his commitment to improving the quality of living of all Barbadians and the people of the Caribbean. It is the kind of commitment that all leaders should try to emulate.

"He was a true renaissance man, and we will forever be inspired by his oratorical skills, his solution-oriented, professional approach to leadership, his thoughtfulness, but moreover, his humanity.

"We in Saint Lucia will honour the legacy of Prime Minister Thompson who in just 48 years with us on earth fought the good fight of faith.

"Well done thou good and faithful servant. Well done.

"May God continue to Bless and guide the Government and People of Barbados through this period of mourning."

The Cabinet of Ministers will meet shortly to decide on an appropriate tribute to the late Prime Minister of Barbados, David John Howard Thompson. Prime Minister Thompson was considered a true friend of Saint Lucia. He will surely be missed.

May his soul rest in peace.

Darnley Lebourne
Government Press Secretary