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Applications are now being accepted for the Jamaican Women of Florida “Powerful Women…Next Generation” scholarship. 

Jamaica’s  Consul General, R. Oliver Mair (left) meeting with Mayor, City of Miami, Hon. Francis X. Suarez, last Tuesday (Jan. 29) following the Mayor’s State of the City address at the Freedom Tower in Miami.  The Consul General was among the many dignitaries, diplomats and city officials invited to the ceremony.

MIAMI  – The overhaul of 44 homes in Miami’s Overtown neighborhood got underway today, the next step in the Omni CRA’s aspiration to invest more than $100 million into affordable and workforce in the Omni district.

For years, I’ve kept a now tattered and coffee-stained note affixed to my computer monitor. It serves as a daily reminder for why I devoted my career to public service and how to conduct my life in general.

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