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Latest News

The Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (Broward MPO) is pleased to announce the Bicycle Parking Facilities Project will provide funds for the purchase of bicycle racks to such eligible applicants as commercial property owners, local governments and businesses within Broward County.

Mark Horowitz, Broward MPO Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator, said, “The purpose of this project is to encourage the use of bicycles for personal transportation as an alternative to motor vehicles. Bicyclists need the assurance that their bicycle can be placed in a secure manner when they arrive at their destination, and this will also help to improve the air quality and reduce air pollution by reducing the number of vehicles on our already overcrowded roadways.”

Miami-Dade Countys unemployment rate for January 2010 was 10.9 percent. This was a decrease of 0.6 percent compared to December 2009 (11.5%) and an increase of 2.4 percent compared to January 2009. Despite the drop from December 2009 to January 2010, the unemployment rate remains high.

With the announcement of Visas expansion of their customer service center in Miami-DadeCounty and the assistance The Beacon Council is currently providing to other companies, we are hopeful that the unemployment rate will drop even further in the future.

Rest easy, Broward residents. Filling out the 2010 Census is safe and private.

For those who are reluctant to fill out their Census forms or have concern with how the information will be used, Broward County Commissioner, Ilene Lieberman, chair of the Census 2010 Complete Count Committee, wants Broward residents to know that data obtained in Census 2010 cannot be shared with anyone outside the Census Bureau for any reason.

“You should not worry that your privacy may be invaded by answering the Census,” she said.

DominoesStars.com, Hornitos Tequila, DominoUSA, NPDPA and R. Paniagua, Inc. present the FID World Domino Championship at the Las Vegas Hilton, Memorial Day weekend May 26th - 29th with guaranteed prizes of $50,000.

A classic "Double Six" tournament will be supervised by the DominoUSA Federation. The "High Five" tournament will be administered by domino legend Travis Newsome, President of the NPDPA.

"Hundreds of players from all over the world have confirmed their participation," said Manny Oquendo, President of DominoUSA Federation.