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Latest News

The American Red Cross has learned about numerous reports from Miami-Dade County that are erroneously mentioning that the Red Cross is accepting in-kind donations of food, clothes, blankets and other supplies.

While the hearts of these agencies no doubt is in the right place, the American Red Cross cannot accept donations of canned food or bottled water or clothes.

Abdoulaye Wade said Haitians could "return to their origin"

Senegal's president says he will offer free land and "repatriation" to people affected by the earthquake in Haiti.

President Abdoulaye Wade said Haitians were sons and daughters of Africa since Haiti was founded by slaves, including some thought to be from Senegal.

With dozens of municipal, county, state and federal elections scheduled throughout this year, now is the time for candidates, their staff members and volunteers to get an update on election and fundraising regulations at a Campaign Skills Seminar sponsored by the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust.

The seminar, at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, February 17, 2010 at Fire Rescue Headquarters in Doral, will provide essential information to declared candidates, individuals considering running for election or anyone who wants to understand the legal and ethical obligations of seeking public office. Speakers include representatives of the Miami-Dade Ethics Commission, the State Attorney’s Office and the Elections Department.

The Red Cross is performing triage, first aid, addressing urgent needs and mobilizing a massive response operation in Haiti. A base camp has been secured near the airport with warehousing facilities for relief supply staging.

A five-member American Red Cross team has arrived in Port-au-Prince, joining the 15-person staff we already had on the ground and 12 Red Cross teams that arrived from other countries yesterday. Among them are engineers, surgeons and family linking specialists. These teams will establish field hospitals, restore water and sanitation systems, distribute supplies and restore family links facilities.