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Argentine entrepreneur Rolando Gonzalez-Bunster, President & CEO of Basic Energy Ltd., as well as numerous other diversified entities, along with Haiti-based WIN Group, one of the country's largest enterprises, today announced an agreement to develop a 240-room hotel with conference facilities directly adjacent to Port-Au-Prince's Toussaint L'Ouverture International Airport.

The property, scheduled to break ground by the end of 2010, has an 18-month construction window and will be Haiti's first airport hotel. The hotel, which is yet to be named, will be independently operated.

The fully-enclosed, $33 million project will be developed on a 5.3 acre parcel (2.14 hectares), and will be completely self-contained, with on-site power plant, water treatment, sewage, and related facilities.

The Caribbean lodging industry felt the full negative impact of the recent global recession in 2009, but to a lesser degree than the U.S. hotel industry. During the year, Caribbean hotel revenues and profits experienced double-digit declines. While the results may be disappointing for Caribbean hotel owners and operators, the fall off in net operating income was much less severe than what was experienced by U.S. properties. These findings are reported by Colliers PKF Consulting USA (PKFC) in the recently released 2010 edition of Caribbean Trends® in the Hotel Industry, the only published research available that focuses exclusively on Caribbean hotel profits, revenues, and expenses.
Lake Buena Vista, Florida -- A coalition of Black Republicans from around the state, today expressed their "pride and jubilation" over Rick Scott's selection of Jennifer Carroll to be Lieutenant Governor and said she is "probably the most qualified and experienced person ever selected to be Lieutenant Governor". They emphasized the importance of Black Republican and Independents to GOP victory. Calling Carroll "our Leader" and a "real Gem”. They warned Democrat Party surrogates and "attack dogs" that they will vigorously defend her against vicious attacks. Excerpts from their Statement are set forth below:


"....we come together this morning to express our very deep and sincere sense of pride and jubilation over Rick Scott's selection of our "Leader", Representative Jennifer Carroll, to be his choice for Lt. Governor. We commend him for going where no other Republican Gubernatorial candidate has gone before in making a bold statement on diversity and inclusion… This is A NEW DAY AND A NEW BEGINNING FOR THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism has announced its sponsorship of the Caribbean Media Exchange on Sustainable Tourism (CMEx), slated for the Jamaican capital of Kingston from September 30 to October 4, 2010.

"It's wonderful to be recognized in this way by the Ministry, led by Minister of Tourism Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace, one of the region's visionaries whose eloquence on the benefits of sustainable tourism for individuals as well as for companies and governments is respected far beyond the Caribbean region," said Lelei LeLaulu, who currently serves as vice president of the nonprofit organization.