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ImageToday was my first day off since arriving in South Africa so I headed off to watch the match between Holland and Denmark - which Holland won 2-0. This is the first time I've ever experienced a World Cup match as a fan as I've always worked at previous World Cups. And it was a great game to go to - I even spotted a few Jamaican supporters in the stands waving the Jamaican flag.
ImageIn the first match of day three of the FIFA World Cup 2010, Slovenia beat Algeria 1-0. If it had been a draw, England would have been the favorites to go through with the USA. Slovenia's win means that they are now top of the group with three points and they are one of the favorites to go through with England. Similar to the England match yesterday, it was a goal keeping mistake that cost Algeria the match. The problem seems to lie with the football - a lot of the players are complaining that these new Adidas footballs are too light for the goal keepers.
ImageDay two of the FIFA World Cup 2010 got off to an interesting start with a bit of an upset in the first match of the day between the Korea Republic and Greece. The Korea Republic played very well to beat Greece 2-0. They have a lot of players that play in Europe and let's not forget that they got to the semi final of the World Cup in 2002. People tend to underestimate them but they deserved this win. Greece – who in my opinion only ever play well when they are the underdogs – did not perform out there today. I find that when Greece is expected to win, they don't perform well, which is what happened today.
ImageI arrived in South Africa on Wednesday after a plane trip that, for me, cemented what the World Cup - the greatest show on earth - is all about. There were football fans from all walks of life on the plane - many of whom have been saving for this once-in-a-lifetime trip ever since the final whistle blew on the final match in Germany four years ago.