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Though great strides have been made since the deadly earthquake in Haiti, immediate problems continue to confront the relief and recovery process that threaten their success, the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) told a key congressional subcommittee. (www.ImUnitedforHaiti.org)

"The title of today's hearing, 'The Crisis in Haiti: Are We Moving Fast Enough?,' poses a question that has a simple and easy answer: 'No,' we are not moving fast enough,"says Jimmy Jean-Louis, the actor and spokesperson for PADF's recovery efforts in Haiti. "Too many Haitians continue to live in despicable conditions with little hope of moving to recovery in the foreseeable future."

As part of the many events taking place in South Florida to celebrate Jamaica's 48 th anniversary of Independence, the United Friends of Highgate, Incorporated will honor several Jamaican radio personalities for their service to the community. Presentations to those honored will be made on Sunday, August 8, at the Jamaican Independence Celebration – 2010, at Miramar Regional Park.

In recognizing excellence and long service, the members of United Friends of Highgate decided that each year they would recognize persons, from a select group, who have contributed positively to the development of the Jamaican community in South Florida. This year, radio personalities with over 20 years of continuous service were chosen for the important role they have played in the cultural and economical development of the community.

Fellow Jamaicans,

It is once again time to raise our flags, promote our culture and proclaim our sovereign statehood in observation of the 48th Anniversary of Jamaica’s Independence on August 6. Significantly, we also mark in this commemorative season the 172nd Anniversary of Emancipation Day on August 1, thereby signifying national liberation as well as the recognition of the human dignity of the previously enslaved.

I am deeply privileged to address you as Consul General of Jamaica and to express bountiful appreciation for the outstanding patriotism and support demonstrated in general by our Community. At the same time, I take the opportunity to acknowledge the many hands of friendship and love extended to our people in these United States, where the cordial and respectful relationship between our nations and peoples continues to flourish.

Families and individuals throughout Broward County will have food on the table this month thanks to the continued generosity of Broward County employees and those who visit Broward libraries and government buildings with food donations in hand.

The Broward County 365 Food Drive netted 2,143 pounds of food in June and July that was donated to the Cooperative Feeding Program/LifeNet4Families non-profit organization. More than 1,400 pounds were collected at Broward County libraries.

"Without the help of concerned people, like the employees of Broward County, we would not be able to provide the assistance we do. More than 100 hungry families come here each day seeking emergency food; for them food is a luxury. More than 100,000 citizens count on us for food help each year. We are honored to partner with Broward County to take a bite out of hunger," said Marti Forman, executive director of the Cooperative Feeding Program/LifeNet4Families.