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Latest News

A team of members of the South Florida chapter of the Trench Town Comprehensive Alumni Association will make a presentation of needed items to the school when they visit the school next week to participate in the annual school prize-giving ceremony.  The event will be held next Tuesday (March 1) on the school campus.

A presentation of $3,000 (US) will go towards the school’s sports development and the student breakfast programmes.  The monetary donation is a result of the second annual fundraiser held last November in Fort Lauderdale.

In addition, five sewing machines will also be donated to the School’s Home Economics Department.  A total of ten sewing machines have been targeted for the Department, the first five of which has been donated by members of the Association.  President of the Alumni Association, the Reverend Dr. Dennis Grant who will lead the delegation said that the machines will be purchased in Jamaica with donations from individual alumni members, in an effort to utilize the resources in Jamaica.

St.Lucia Celebrates 32nd independence Anniversary

On February 22, 1979, St. Lucia achieved independence led by John Compton. St. Lucia is known for the annual “St. Lucia Jazz Festival” and the nation’s principal source of foreign exchange is from tourism and agriculture.

DR. Karl Rodney Charged

 Dr. Karl Rodney, a fundraiser for the American Friends of the University of the West Indies and publisher of a New York Caribbean newspaper, was charged in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia for lying to the House Ethics Committee relating to business conferences one of his enterprise held in Antigua/Barbuda and St. Maarten.

During frank and open discussions yesterday (February 21), at the Offices of the Prime Minister, between Jamaican officials and a Haitian fact finding delegation which had just arrived in the island, it was concluded that there were many misrepresentations of the treatment of the Haitian Under 17 CONCACAF Football Team.

The Haitian delegation which included representatives from the Ministries of Sports and Health, a representative from the Haitian Olympic Committee, a journalist, and Jamaica’s Honorary Consul in Haiti, primarily wanted to know if the Haitian Footballers were: forced out of the CONCACAF competition; under physical, forcible restraint while in medical quarantine; under uniformed, armed guards, as reported by the president of the Haitian Football Federation.

In an effort to help bolster up-and-coming enterprises, Macy’s announced the creation of a one-of-a-kind program covering the business of fashion - The Workshop at Macy’s. Setting the stage for retail business innovation, The Workshop at Macy’s aims to nurture and grow the next generation of minority and women-owned retail talent. The Workshop is the latest evolution of Macy’s long-standing commitment to vendor diversity and to providing customers with unique goods and services that meet their lifestyle.

The specially designed business development curriculum of “The Workshop” is aimed at minority and women-owned retail businesses that are poised to succeed on a larger scale, but need additional tools on business practices to move to the next level and sustain growth. The four and a half-day intensive training course, to be held in May 2011 at Macy’s Herald Square offices in New York City, will be taught by Macy’s seasoned executives and industry experts, as well as key retail partners. With this annual program, Macy’s hopes to create a pipeline of viable vendors that will grow to become successful partners within Macy’s own vendor community.