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haughton-radcliffeThe lone suspect in a mass shooting at a spa in suburban Milwaukee last month has been identified as a Jamaican-born national. The authorities said that 45-year-old Radcliffe Haughton, a resident of Brown Deer, Wisconsin, was found dead at the scene with what is believed to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The Oct. 21 shooting incident at the Azana Salon & Spa in Brookfield left at least three people dead and four others injured, but it was not immediately clear whether Haughton was being counted among the victims. 

The American people have spoken. And, once again, Barack Obama has been elected president of the United States.Obama, leader of the Democratic Party, earned another four years in the White House by defeating Republican challenger Mitt Romney in the presidential election held on Nov. 6.

Up to press time, the count across U.S. states showed Obama had picked up at least 303 Electoral College votes, while Mr. Romney received 206. The winning target was 270.Obama also won at least 50 percent of the popular vote to Romney’s 48 percent.

obama_electionWhen retired Army Col. Lawrence Wilkerson denounced the Republican Party as "full of racists" in a recent interview, he ignited a firestorm. Though the comments were not the first time the Republican Party had been accused of being the chosen party for those harboring racist tendencies, it did mark one of the first times a high-profile Republican made such a stinging accusation.

Wilkerson made the remarks while defending his former boss and fellow Republican, former Secretary of State Colin Powell. Powell's endorsement of Democratic President Barack Obama led some Republicans, among them Romney campaign surrogate John Sununu, to speculate that Powell's presidential choice was motivated by race. While these developments led to fresh allegations that the Republican Party is the party of racists, there has been little coverage of the activity of actual, self-identified racists this election cycle, specifically those within the white supremacist movement.

mayorWith a surprise announcement, New York's Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said on Thursday that Hurricane Sandy had reshaped his thinking about the presidential campaign, he announced that he was now endorsing President Obama. 

An independent, Mr. Bloomberg who is in this third term leading New York City, has been sharply critical of both Mr. Obama, a Democrat, and Mitt Romney, the president’s Republican rival, saying that both men have failed to candidly confront the problems afflicting the nation. He said that over the past few days he had decided  that Mr. Obama is the best candidate to tackle the global climate change that the mayor believes contributed to the violent storm, which took the lives of at least 37 New Yorkers and caused billions of dollars in damage.