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MeeksWASHINGTON, D.C. - The United States House of Representatives Ethics Committee has found that a New York congressman’s failure to disclose a $40,000 “loan” from an indicted prominent Guyanese businessman was “inadvertent”.

The Ethics Committee also declined to rule on whether the loan to Congressman Gregory Meeks from Ed Ahmad was really a gift.

In its report, the committee quoted Steven Kartagener, a lawyer for Ahmad, as saying there was “no fixed interest rate” and no written document of the loan’s terms.

“I am pleased with the Ethics Committee’s decision, and I am glad that this matter is now closed,” said Meeks, who represents Queens, New York in the U.S. Congress.

Hamilton ANEW YORK - To mark a new phase in a renewed appreciation of Nevisian-born Alexander Hamilton, on Jan.11 a first ever live broadcast will take place between Hamilton’s birthplace in Charlestown, Nevis and the Museum of American Finance where Hamilton founded the Bank of New York.

The location for the event, 48 Wall Street in New York City, is just yards away from the first United States capital, where Hamilton was made the first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury in Sept. 11, 1789.

Maurice Eunice SarahannNEW YORK, New York - A whopping 191 Caribbean nationals have made the “Most Wanted List” put out by INTERPOL globally, News Americas has found.

The Dominican Republic topped the list with 120 criminals on the lam, with most wanted for homicide or what is delicately defined by INTERPOL as life and health crimes.

Cuba was second with 19 criminals, most wanted for fraud and money laundering, while The Bahamas and Guyana tied for third, each with 12.

Sean PaulThe Sweden-born ex-girlfriend of Jamaican dancehall superstar Sean Paul has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against him claiming he forced her out of Jamaica to terminate their relationship.

According to the 126-page lawsuit filed in Manhattan, New York civil court, Susanne Persson says she wants $80 million in damages from Sean Paul, his road manager Steve Wilson and his label Atlantic Records.

Persson claims she was a “jet set slave” for Sean Paul, threatening to tell the truth about his alleged “lies” and other matters. She is claiming that the international singer “emotionally tortured” her during a love affair that began in early 2010.