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portia and brucePrime Minister, the Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller (left), converses with Leader of Opposition, Andrew Holness, following the 33rd staging of the National Leadership Prayer Breakfast.

Chairman of the National Leadership Prayer Breakfast (NLPB) Committee, Rev. Dr. Peter Garth, implored the country’s leaders to be careful of their words and actions, as even their simplest decisions affect an entire nation.

“As leaders, I call on each of us to live in light of the fact that the things we do and the things we say make an impact on every Jamaican,” he stated.

President MartellyIn the last month of 2012 Haitian President Michel Martelly held a press conference in Miami, Florida to announce a new direction for Haiti in 2013. Martelly spoke about upgrades in health care for the people of Haiti, upgrades in transportation infrastructure, major developments in agriculture and trade, and improvement in the handling of crime by the government and police. Martelly added that through tourism Haiti can be seen differently using the example of pictures of Haitian beaches that can be seen in places like South Florida. Martelly stated that these steps including others will be instrumental in changing the perspective of Haiti. According to Martelly; “Haiti has been known as the country of disaster…. but today we want to show to the world what it is we have to offer, not only in the tourism sector but also when we realize that only 25% of our country is covered by electricity, instead of continuing with the misery we offer this as an opportunity for a foreign company to come to Haiti to invest, make money, create jobs, give us light and it’s a win-win situation.” Martelly also proclaimed the mantra “Haiti no longer wants Aid but Trade!”… “We want to create jobs and investment!” He suggested these are the major paths to alleviate poverty.

Elizabeth-NunezNew York, CMM --- A large gathering of veritable who-is-whos descended on the Calvin Klein Room at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn recently for the Caribbean Night Awards, a precursor event to the Inaugural Caribbean Fever Music Festival at the same venue.

The award ceremony honored excellence in various fields from medicine to entertainment—the honorees all Diaspora Caribbean Nationals.
Honoring these persons of excellence was the brainchild of Dahved Levy, radio announcer of WBLS 107.5 FM, and head honcho of the Caribbean Fever brand, who saw the occasion of the first Caribbean event at Barclay’s Center as more than just an entertainment event.

New York/CMM: Dahved Levy, New York’s number one Caribbean radio announcer was recently honored by the speaker of the New York City Council, Christine Quinn for unparalleled accomplishments in radio at the recently held Caribbean Night Awards Reception at Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York. The award segment was designed by Dahved to honor those in our community who have excelled in their various fields; from medicine to music—scheduled to precede the Caribbean Fever Music Festival in the Arena later that evening.

“We wanted to showcase excellence wherever it exists,” said Dahved. A young deejay like Young Chow can look across the room and see a Dr. Scantlebury—a Caribbean national; the first African-American female transplantation surgeon. Both can be proud that the Caribbean is being represented across the Diaspora and worldwide at the highest levels. This represents the philosophy of our radio program as well, as we seek to entertain, educate and inform.”