Tim Strauss to Become CEO of Amerijet International, Inc.

Author  Christine Richard

Miami, FL ‐ Amerijet International, Inc. is excited to announce that Tim Strauss will join as its Chief Executive Officer effective August 17, 2020, based at the Company’s headquarters in Miami, FL. Tim is presently responsible for Air Canada’s cargo business and brings a deep air cargo background to the position, having also worked at Northwest/Delta Cargo, Hawaiian Airlines Cargo, and Emery Worldwide. He has considerable experience in both the commercial and operational areas of the air cargo business.

Tim SVic Karjian, Amerijet’s current CEO, will become Executive Chairman of Amerijet and will focus his efforts on the company’s strategic planning, key partnerships and growth objectives, continuing to build upon the strategic vision that he brought to the Company in 2016.

The succession will take effect during a period of profitable growth for Amerijet as it continues to evolve from a regional leader in the all‐cargo air logistics business to becoming a global air cargo provider to its customers across scheduled service, charter and ACMI / CMI operations, in addition tobeing an active participant in Air Mobility Command’s CRAF program. Expanding its global reach, Amerijet received its ETOPs certification from the FAA in early 2020 and commenced scheduled non‐stop operations from Miami to Brussels, connecting points beyond Belgium through a European road feeder service as well as providing capacity between Europe and the Company’s extensive network throughout the Caribbean, Central & South America and Mexico.

“Tim brings an enormous amount of expertise and experience to Amerijet and will be a key driver of our future success,” said Vic Karjian. “I am excited to have the opportunity to work with him as we continue the company’s growth as a leading global air cargo provider.”Amerijet

About Amerijet

Amerijet International Airlines is a leading global air‐cargo airline based in Miami, Florida. Amerijet operates its own dedicated freighter fleet of B767 aircraft throughout theUnited States, Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America, and Western Europe. The Company provides its service region with more than 7,300 dedicated freighter flights annually. In addition to scheduled service flights, Amerijet offers worldwide long‐ and short‐term ACMI and full‐service charters.

Amerijet’s global network, including our interline partners and general sales agents, reaches 476 destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East with seamless and transparent transportation solutions for customers shipping time‐sensitive, valuable, hazardous, temperature‐controlled and other cargo types.

More information about Amerijet can be accessed at www.amerijet.com.