An Architect with Style and Conscience

Author  Dawn A. Davis

Licensed architect and interior designer Renee Webley knew from a young age that she wanted to create buildings and interior spaces. A millennial concerned about the environment and how humans interact with it, Webley decided to establish a company that would take the ecosystem and clients’ needs into consideration.

RAW Design & Consulting, which she founded in 2011, provides architectural and consultation services to both corporate and private clients in South Florida. Whether it’s small or large projects, Webley and her design team builds from the ground up, or renovates spaces with clean lines utilising eco-friendly strategies. But, before she got there the young architect put in the work necessary to gain the experience she would need to be taken seriously in this male-dominated field.

“I started off by working at internships for a smaller architectural office and then an interior design firm during college. After college I received a position at a larger architecture and engineering firm, which jump-started the rest of my career”, Webley explained.

Green Buildings

When she started RAW Design & Consulting Webley was working as an independent contractor with several firms and providing green building design consulting and architectural consulting/drafting services for firms that were hit by the recession in 2008. Today, she runs a well established architectural design firm with professional licenses and certifications including LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accreditation. Right in line with her design philosophy, LEED is a worldwide rating system for buildings that provides guidelines for healthy, efficient, sustainable, and cost-saving green buildings.

From residential additions, new construction homes, commercial interior and exterior improvements, and retail design Webley’s RAW Design & Consulting is a full service architectural and design entity. She is drawn to modern and contemporary styles with clean lines, perhaps because of her Caribbean heritage, which is reflected in the many design projects she has taken on over the past 9 years. But, one project really stands out for her.

house of mac“The Tropic Isles Residence was my first huge project from start to finish that encompassed an integrative design approach and a full set of architecture and interior design services. Prior to that I worked on small renovations or home additions, but this house we completely gutted to the bones, took off the roof and added an entire second floor.”

This residential project underscored the company’s expertise in green building techniques, innovative design approach, and project management competency Webley added. And, although RAW Design & Consulting is South Florida-based, Webley has worked on many architectural and design projects throughout Florida, Texas, the Bahamas, and the US Virgin Islands.

Renee Webley has made a name for herself in this competitive industry based on her talent, professionalism, and design style. So, where does she go from here?

“I am always looking for new opportunities in the design and construction industry. No project is too big or too small, and every project could use a thoughtful design process”.