Miami-Dade County's Internal Services Department's Small Business Development Division recovers over $1.2 million in back wages for 957 underpaid employees on county contracts

Author  Jose Galan

MIAMI —The Small Business Development (SBD) Division of Miami-Dade County’s Internal Services Department is responsible for enforcement of the County’s small business, wage and workforce requirements. Pursuant to the Responsible Wages and Benefits and Living Wages ordinances, contractors must pay employees on covered contracts a minimum wage prescribed by the County. In 2018, SBD conducted investigations that found 88 employers in violation of the County’s wage requirements. Contractor’s were required to pay $1,245,540 in back wages to 957 underpaid employees on County service and construction contracts and $391,615 in penalties.

"Employers on our contracts are required to pay employees the minimum hourly wage required by the County. SBD ensures employers that violate the law do not gain an unfair competitive advantage over those that comply," said SBD’s Division Director Gary Hartfield. "Small Business Development encourages all our contractors to contact our office for training on how to ensure compliance and avoid violations."

For more information about the Responsible Wages and Benefits and Living Wage requirements and other laws enforced by SDB, contact 305-375-3111.

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