Qualifying For A Short-Term US Business Loan

NEW YORK, NY. - So, you’ve finally moved from wanting to start a business to starting. Congratulations on the first major step. But now here comes an issue so many entrepreneurs face – how to get a short-term loan to tide you over so you can keep working in order to maintain or grow your business?

viz smlOr perhaps your business is seasonal, and you need to hire more help this holiday and need the capital infusion. Short-term loans are unlike more traditional business loans, in that they are generally for less money, have drastically shorter repayment periods, and you often find you’ll pay the lender back daily rather than monthly.

Here Are The Minimum Criteria To Securing A Short-Term Loan

Years in Business Required

6 months +

Credit Score


Annual Gross Revenue


Profitability required?


Bankruptcy allowed?

Yes, you could qualify for a short-term loan no less than 1 year after filing bankruptcy.

Credit Card volume a factor?

In some cases. If so, $3,000+.

Accounts Receivable a factor?


Second position allowed?

In some cases.

Caribbean-Americans or Caribbean Canadians seeking short-term loans or other expansion capital have many difference options available including Start-Up Loans as well as Medium-Term Loans, Equipment Loans, A Line Of Credit, Invoice Financing or a Merchant Cash Advance.

Ask for more information on how you can access any of these finance options  and start the New Year right.