Drones Can Change the Way We Live our Lives

The Miami-Dade Beacon Council's Aviation Committee is examining the value and possibilities of using drones for commercial use. The community discussion gathered experts in the drone industry and local business leaders to look at this new technology and subsector of an already booming aviation industry.  

policeChris Todd the Founder and CEO of Airborne Response; Charles Zwebner, CEO of VolAero Imaging Services and Matthew Grosack from the law firm, DLA Piper addressed the audience about current trends and future potential. The group discussed the many regulatory restrictions presently imposed on the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) industry, including: restricted air space, line of site rules (each pilot has to be in visual contact of the drone they are operating) and the mass perception that drones are inherently unsafe.                         

The presenters believe the UAV industry is ready to expand quickly into areas like law enforcement, emergency services, delivery services and even passenger transportation.