Miami Entrepreneurs Work on Management Skills at CEO Leadership Forum

Author  Alma Kadragic

Between hunting new clients, managing staff, and providing quality control, entrepreneurs often work more than 80 hours a week and are too busy to think about where their company is going. It's called working in the company, and no way to grow. To do better, the entrepreneur has to step back and work on the company. Teaching entrepreneurs to do that is the motivation behind CEO Leadership Forums.

Russell Slappey at CEO Leadership ForumStarted in Orlando two years ago by Nperspective CFO & Strategic Services, CEOLF is a free program that lets entrepreneurs learn best practices from experts, talk business nuts and bolts with non-competing peers, and benefit from trusted advisors in an academic setting.

South Florida's first CEO Leadership Forum launched in mid-April at Miami Dade College's Idea Center. Damian Thorman, MDC Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, welcomed the initial group of 12 CEOs, six sponsors, and five MDC students as well as business leaders and college faculty.

Miami-Dade College will also host the next three quarterly CEOLF workshops while the participating students will each receive a $2000 scholarship at the end of the year.

Miami-Dade Beacon Council is a founding sponsor of the CEOLF program. Sheri Colas-Gervais, Vice President, Urban Development and Economic Initiatives spoke about Beacon's support of small business through its Small Business Committee - several of the attending CEOs are members.

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