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Balbour & Pino Realtors Ltd. Launches in Jamaica


Balbour & Pino Realtors Ltd. officially launches operations as of May 1, 2012. Balbour & Pino Realtors Ltd., a closely held company specializing in brokerage, advisory, marketing, and relocation services, launched on the island of Jamaica.

Mr. Richard Pino, Chief Financial Officer and Real Estate Broker in New York City, saw an opportunity to extend his international client base by forming Balbour & Pino Realtors, Ltd., and assuming the role of Managing Director. Mr. Pino's international client base emanates from Brazil, China, Croatia, Italy, New York, and Switzerland.

His commitment to ethics and customer service has always been the core of his business philosophy. With the formation of Balbour & Pino, Mr. Pino brings the same business professionalism to Jamaica.

Balbour & Pino Realtors currently has offices in Kingston and New York City.

Balbour & Pino Realtors, Ltd. is registered with the Real Estate Board of Jamaica and the Realtors Association of Jamaica.

About Balbour & Pino Realtors, Ltd.

Balbour & Pino Realtors, Ltd. is a full-service real estate firm providing brokerage, advisory, marketing, and relocation services on the island of Jamaica. Headquartered in Kingston, Balbour & Pino Realtors is a boutique firm with international reach. Balbour & Pino offers comprehensive real estate services to its clients across the island and from aboard for its international investors.

Investor Relations:

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Balbour & Pino Realtors, Ltd.

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