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Tricia Watson of West Coast Legal (right) is pictured
The Bimventures family of like-minded businesspeople focused on expanding the Barbados economy one successful enterprise after another has grown to more than 60 since the launch of the Barbados Entrepreneurs' Venture Capital Fund last November.
On June 17 – 20, 2010, the Jamaica Manufacturers' Association (JMA) and the Jamaica Exporters' Association (JEA) will partner with Jamaica Trade and Invest (JTI) to host the Caribbean's premier trade exposition of world class Jamaican goods and services, at the National Arena in Kingston.
Carmen and Natalie Torres happily display their new Hyundai vehicle after the Miami-Dade Consumer Services Department intervened to help the family in a dispute with an auto body shop over shoddy repairs. After the Consumer Services Department stepped in, mother and daughter received an insurance check for the purchase of a brand new vehicle.
Carmen Torres and her daughter Natalie are the proud owners of a brand new Hyundai, and they are crediting the Miami-Dade Consumer Services Department for their fortunate purchase.
The Let’s Do Business Miami Forum Miami is open to all small businesses and professionals. This is an excellent opportunity to reduce your time, cost effort and contracting investment by meeting potential contract opportunities with the Corporate World from across our nation face-to-face on the same day in one location. With hundreds of Small Business Owners and professionals expected to attend, the event promises to be the largest of its kind in the region for Small Disadvantage entrepreneurs in business. The one-day Minority’s Let’s Do Business Miami Forum Conference & Expo Miami 2010 will take place Monday June 8 and Tuesday June 9, 2010 at the historic Hotel Double Tree Miami Mart located at 711 NW 72 Avenue in Miami Dade County.