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Leroy Jones, Executive Director of NANA, and Commissioner Katy Sorenson
Commissioner Katy Sorenson congratulated the recipients of the Mom and Pop Small Business Grant Program at a mandatory training workshop on Wednesday, March 30, 2010, at the South Dade Regional Library. A selection committee comprised of South Dade business leaders selected 32 grant winners from a pool of over 120 applicants. Home-based businesses received up to $2,000 and businesses operating within a commercial property received a maximum grant amount of $4,000.

Brenda Jackson
Oncor announced today that Brenda Jackson was named Chief Customer Officer, making the company one of the first electric delivery utilities in the country to establish this role.

As the electric market continues to evolve, Oncor recognizes that the voice of the customer must be heard in strategic discussions. By establishing the CCO position, Oncor is creating a customer-centric culture where customer viewpoints and questions will be considered in all corporate decision-making.

Fannie Mae (FNM/NYSE) on May 6, 2010, announced a new partnership that will accelerate response time and provide financial counseling to distressed Florida homeowners whose mortgages are owned by Fannie Mae and serviced by SunTrust.

{media}Positioning the island of Barbados as a hub for digital media and technology industries in the Caribbean is the aim of an emerging information technology company.

Barbadian entrepreneur Andrew Jemmott, chairman and CEO of The Caribbean Streaming Network (CSN), said the world is driven by digital media and emerging technologies such as social networking and mobile distribution platforms, so Barbados with its solid technological infrastructure, is well placed to take advantage of the numerous opportunities in this field.