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A section of the audience at the ACS conference. CSN provided state-of-the-art Live Internet Streaming for the three-day event.
An innovative Barbados company is using the global power of the internet to promote the Caribbean in faraway lands.

The Bimventures-shepherded and -funded company, Caribbean Streaming Network (CSN) in Barbados is showcasing Caribbean events and culture to the world through the online programming of locally-hosted and -produced events. State-of-the-art Live Internet Streaming by CSN offered access to the three-day conference hosted this summer by the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) - Caribbean Sea Commission at University of the West Indies' Cave Hill campus from July 7 to 9.

SEOPW CRA Chairman Richard P. Dunn, Omni CRA Chairman Marc D. Sarnoff, and Midtown Chair Francis Suarez, join Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado, CRA Board Members Wifredo “Willy” Gort and Frank Carollo, Miami-Dade Commissioner Audrey M. Edmonson, CRA Executive Director Pieter Bockweg, and Miami Access Tunnel Vice President Christopher Hodgkins to welcome applicants to an open Tunnel job recruiting session sponsored by the Miami CRA. Representatives from the University of Miami Life Science and Technology Park will also be on hand focusing on skilled trade construction positions like roofers, drywall, and electric. The event is set for Friday, September 3rd 2010 at 11:30 AM on the 9th street Pedestrian Mall in Overtown at 919 NW 2ND Ave as part of the CRA sponsored Folk Life Friday event, an event designed to promote businesses within the CRA boundaries. Friday’s event is to specifically collect applications.

Its embrace of diversity is a key ingredient in the success of an innovative entrepreneurship development project.

Bimventures, the Barbados-based venture capital fund which now includes a growing family of entrepreneurs, is expanding as it pursues its mandate of developing the local economy one high performance enterprise after another. The "Shepherding" process is at the heart of Bimventures' approach which is already contributing to the development of the Barbadian economy.

The City of Miami Gardens Code Compliance Division is hosting their 3rd Annual Business Assistance Workshop. The workshop will be held on Tuesday, August 31, 2010, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the North Dade Regional Library located at 2455 NW 183rd Street.