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ImageMiami International Airport passengers and South Florida rental car customers now have a convenient, one-stop shop for all their rental car needs just east of MIA in the middle of Miami-Dade County.

The MIA Rental Car Center (RCC), opening July 13 at 3900 N.W. 25th Street, consolidates under one roof the operations of 16 rental car companies currently serving the area surrounding MIA. A new consolidated shuttle bus service transports travelers from MIA’s arrivals level to the RCC’s spacious fourth-level customer service lobby, where they can pick the company and vehicle of their choice from a combined inventory of 6,500 rental cars.

Barbadian company Went Caribbean continues to reap success in the marketplace.

The company, which offers a wide selection of goods and services to support a healthy, island lifestyle, is reporting a strong uptick in sales since the approval of seed capital, the assignment of local shepherd, Dr. Frances Chandler, and the subsequent approval of venture capital investment from Bimventures last December.

Kissimmee Commissioner Art Otero, Kissimmee Director of Economic Development Belinda Ortiz, Doral Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez, Doral Economic Development Coordinator Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera, and Kissimmee Deputy City Manager Mike Steigerwald met to discuss Economic Development issues. Photo Credit: City of Doral.
On July 1, 2010, a delegation of officials from the City of Kissimmee, Florida, led by that city's Commissioner Art Otero, met with City of Doral Economic Development Coordinator, Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera, to gather knowledge and advice regarding economic development and structure. The Kissimmee officials are looking to establish an Economic Development department and have decided that Doral was a good model to follow. The delegation visiting Doral included Director of Economic Development Belinda Ortiz, Deputy City Manager Mike Steigerwald as well as Commissioner Otero.
The Florida Chamber Foundation named two Beacon Council executives to its expanded research and policy development Caucus system designed to garner the input of local and regional subject matter experts. Holly Wiedman, Executive Vice President, was appointed to the Innovation and Economic Development Caucus and Jaap Donath, Ph.D., Vice President of Research and Strategic Planning, was appointed to the Business Climate and Competitiveness Caucus.