It's a statistical fact that approximately 40% of small businesses do not survive the physical or economic impact of a hurricane. The Miami-Dade Beacon Council has  now engaged in an all-out effort to change those numbers by launching the Business Continuity Program. This program is a One Community One Goal initiative that provides business owners with essential information for accessing resources to prepare for as well as recovery quickly from the impact of a hurricane.

Between hunting new clients, managing staff, and providing quality control, entrepreneurs often work more than 80 hours a week and are too busy to think about where their company is going. It's called working in the company, and no way to grow. To do better, the entrepreneur has to step back and work on the company. Teaching entrepreneurs to do that is the motivation behind CEO Leadership Forums.

As part of its workforce development efforts in support of the Carrie Meek International Business Park (CMIBP) at the Miami-Opa-locka Airport, the Carrie Meek Foundation recently joined with the Miami Dade College North Campus to host the first job readiness training program orientation session.

An interactive event for road construction contractors, subcontractors, and highway ancillary services providers,

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