Miami, Fl - Every year, the March Employment Report detailing the unemployment rate is released in April. As of this analysis, the data does not yet reflect the full impact of the economic reality the world is presently facing due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. April data, which we expect will more accurately reflect the impact on our local economy, will be released later in May 2020.

Linda Greene’s cannabis business rests two blocks from her house in Washington, D.C. and across the street from the home of abolitionist Fredrick Douglass.

Obtaining $4.9 billion in contracts and financing for minority-owned businesses since 2000, Marie Gill has certainly been a force in small business development in South Florida and the Caribbean. Passionate about creating wealth in underserved communities by helping small and medium-sized firms grow to international competitiveness, Gill views her work as a calling.

With clients such as United, Delta, Air Canada, American Airlines, Southwest, and RyanAir just to name a few, Aero Marine Interior, Inc. (AMI) has earned a solid reputation for being amongst the best in the aircraft refurbishment business. Founded in 2000 by Jamaican-born Jannette Pommells-Tucker and her husband Chris Tucker, AMI provides a range of services for commercial and private aircrafts including interior and custom refurbishment, seat repair, new windows, and non-destructive testing (NDT), a critical evaluation for testing flaws in materials. Not the typical business venture, so just how did Pommells-Tucker get into this side of aviation?

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